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Community description:a multifandom polyshipping community
polyfandom at DW

A multi-fandom community for all your polyshipping needs. As long as the main characters are in a polyamorous relationship. All types of fanworks are acceptable (fic, icons, fanart, fanvids, etc).

Feel free to post all your previous fanworks to begin with :)

1. The focus of the community is polyamory/moresomes.
2. Tag your entry. Minimum tagging is "fandom: xxxx".
3. All fanworks must have a minimum header (Title, Fandom, Rating, Characters/Relationship, Contains/Warnings, Summary/Description).
4. You may link to your own journal (no locked posts) or post your fanworks directly to the comm, however:
- all fanfiction/meta must be posted under a cut (with the appropriate header above the cut)
- all fanart must be posted under a cut (a preview pic no larger than 300x300 is fine above the cut)
- any more than three icons must be posted under a cut
- all video embeds must be posted under a cut

5. All fandoms welcome, so come on over and have as much fun as you like!

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